Art of Design Combined with the Science of TEMPUR®

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Bedroom design tips, advice and trends

Quality restful sleep is essential to everyone’s well-being, and local and international trends have moved towards the bedroom being a focal point in the home. Not only from an aesthetics point of view, but in terms of function too. The need for multifunctional rooms has grown, and adjustable beds are growing in popularity as they offer a versatile solution to complement bedrooms and allow form and function to remain equal priorities.

Current trends courtesy of TEMPUR:

  • Bedrooms as living spaces with simple classic décor
  • Large upholstered headboards in neutral colours with pillows and throws for colour
  • Matching ottomans for seating and storage
  • Easy clean fabrics / genuine leather
  • Increase in technology in the bedroom (in respect of personal devices like tablets, e-readers and music devices, as well as smart homes boasting hi-tech one touch linked security and entertainment systems)
  • Decrease in average size of living spaces resulting in the bedroom becoming a personal multi-functional living space
  • Adjustable sleep solutions are being incorporated into the bedroom design so as to offer the freedom to relax, work and sleep in ergonomic positions that support the body and relieve pressure

Create your own sanctuary with these tips from TEMPUR:

  • The largest portion of your bedroom budget should be on your mattress and bed base as your body needs sleep in order to rejuvenate from the pressures of the day
  • Take the time to have a sleep-position-assessment before purchasing a pillow, mattress and bed base
  • The bed takes centre stage in the bedroom and can be accentuated with a gorgeous headboard and/or textured wallpaper behind it
  • Choose neutral headboard and curtains in complementary fabrics
  • Use throws and scatter cushions for contrasting colours
  • Neutral colour walls will add to the feeling of serenity
  • Quality white linen is elegant and creates a fresh atmosphere
  • Linen ideally should be cotton as it allows your skin to breathe
  • Choose a duvet that is temperature sensitive and can be used for all seasons
  • Ottomans are both beautiful and practical
  • If there is space, create a sitting area for reading and relaxing
  • Use a carpet or rugs for texture
  • Create depth with mirrors and statement pieces
  • Prioritise your bedroom design in this order:
    1. Bed (mattress, adjustable bed, frame, headboard, pillows)
    2. Linen
    3. Lighting
    4. Colour and textures
    5. Accessories

Your bedroom should be a space that you are drawn to – your sanctuary – and the perfect balance between comfort and style. The art of design combined with the science of sleep.