Snore no more!


Steps to take if your partner snores while sleeping

Snoring! We’ve all experienced sleeping with someone who snores – and it is a widely known fact that sleep deprivation is a form of torture… Get help with snoring with our Tempur Mattresses and Pillows.

It is very important that your mattress and pillow conforms to your body, giving you a restful and rejuvenating sleep, every night. There is no hard-and-fast cure for snoring, however, TEMPUR’s unique temperature sensitive material gently conforms to the shape of your body offering a perfect balance of total comfort and superior support – soft where you want it, firm where you need it™ – and this will assist in reducing or even preventing snoring.

TEMPUR offers the guide below to help your partner to stop snoring or reduce snoring and thus help you get more sleep!

  • Roll your partner onto their side – people tend to snore less in this position
  • Gently nudge your partner if he or she is already sleeping on their side
  • Tissues – place tissues next to your partner’s bed so they can blow their nose before going to sleep
  • Humidifier – invest in a good humidifier to combat dry air in the bedroom, add a few drops of essential oils to create a healthy aroma
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes before going to sleep
  • Start exercising – carrying extra weight can cause snoring
  • Wear earplugs – if the snoring is due to a medical condition, invest in a good pair of earplugs for yourself
  • The correct pillow – keep the neck in the correct position, so that there is no pressure on the windpipe
  • Sleep posture – invest in a TEMPUR pressure relieving mattress and pillow to ensure your body is in the correct position
  • Adjustable bed – raising the head slightly with an adjustable bed can help alleviate snoring

Not all snores are created equal – snoring may signal other health issues so be sure to rule them out by getting your partner to a doctor to check if there are any medical conditions that need to be addressed.

The Tempur range offers you specialised mattresses and pillows to assist you in achieving a snoring solution and thus enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep. Pair your mattress with one of our adjustable sleep systems for maximum benefit. We also stock an exclusive range of bed bases, duvets and linen.

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