TEMPUR®Adjustable Base

TEMPUR® Flex Adjustable Bed Base

Combine a high quality TEMPUR adjustable base with your TEMPUR mattress to fully enjoy the superb comfort and support it provides. With one simple touch of a button you can raise your head, body and legs without creating pressure or any strain on your body, making it more comfortable to read, watch TV or lift your tired feet for better relaxation. The TEMPUR Mattress easily moulds to the shape of the adjustable base and performs like no other adjustable bed mattress. The adjustable base can be dropped into an new or existing bed frame or can be purchased with legs to turn them into a standing bed.

The TEMPUR® Flex 2000 adjustable bed base has flexible plates made with an open honeycomb structure for better ventilation. It is divided into four zones where the flexible plates have different degrees of firmness. The two motors deliver continuous variable adjustment for the back and legs.